Open Shed list mini-update

David Monks j.d.monks at
Sun Aug 26 01:35:51 PDT 2012

I've been away over much of the past week, so not a huge amount of
detail to report.

We had our Environmental Health visit, which went very well. No
problems, and as we're engaging in low-risk activity; next
re-inspection in 3 years unless we change what we're up to (which we
plan to do, as soon as we can afford to build/equip a kitchen).   Our
team had really pulled together to get things right.  Big thanks to
Johannes, who has taken on responsibility for the café; Matthew Mills,
who gave us loads of valuable advice from his experience working under
the golden arches of Macdonalds; and Martin [forgotten his surname,
sorry], our Environmental Health Officer, who was really helpful and

The Raspberry Jam went pretty well -- feels like a long while ago now
-- with 36 new faces coming, and lots of great interaction between
talks.  Thanks again to Gordon Henderson for travelling down to show
his projects.

On Wednesday 29th, we have a series of talks from 6:30, with some
speakers I'm really looking forward to hearing.  More in a separate
email later today.

On the life-goes-on front: still waiting for the disposal of the fruit
machines, but with hope in our hearts.  We've invited Redwing to stay
on for another month, but we'll be using the space immediately in
front of the paintings from the beginning of September, if they stay
on (which they seem disposed to do).

Our membership process is chaotic on every level.  We've missed
getting back to some people who have contacted us, those who are
enrolled are processed unevenly... this is a matter for urgent fixing.
 So, off to write some apologetic emails.


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